Superbloom is the easy, secure way to buy, manage and trade tokens, starting with pre-sale vetted ICO’s. Buying into an ICO is often intimidating. Managing and trading tokens can be a security risk, and evaluating good projects is difficult. Superbloom’s San Francisco and Caymans based team relies on a network of established syndicate leaders, fund managers, and intelligent ICO investors to provide its members with high quality deals at great bonuses.

Airdrop One are Airdropping to anyone who signs up and completes all required actions in the sign up form. Airdropped tokens will be sent directly to ERC20 compatible wallets.

SECURITY WARNING: We will never ask for your private key. Be wary of scammers trying to trick you into giving them your cryptocurrency.

Airdrop estimated time of arrival: May 12th 2018



The first step in the Airdrop is to join the Superbloom telegram channel:

When you have joined the Telegram channel please complete the form. To get the Airdrop you must stay in the Telegram channel until tokens are sent:


Airdrop One is a service built to enable cryptocurrency projects to distribute their tokens. 

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